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Why You Need An Air Purifier?

Clean and fresh air are very important for us to enjoy a more quality, healthy and meaningful daily life. But nowadays, air pollution is everywhere due to vehicle fumes, factory, open burning, haze, cigarette smoke, pet odors and more.

Critical air pollution can lead to death and should not be taken lightly. This is because many diseases are caused by bad air – lung disease, chest pain, shortness of breath, heart disease, skin and eye irritation.

Therefore, the best ways to get healthy, clean and refreshing air in the home is to use a good quality air filter.

Reason to get an air purifier for your family that you love:
1. The house is dusty easily
2. Children with a lung problem
3. Children are having asthma problem
4. Children with eczema issue
5. House area is under construction
6. open burning
7. Home smokers
8. Cats/Dogs (pets) odour and hairs
9. Want to reduce kitchen cooking odour

air purifier singapore

Happy Customers

Koh Chye Tian

“I know the need to clean the air to prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria. He usually works very busy, so his wife often looks after the baby alone at home. Health is even more important when you have children at home, but preventing disease is not an easy task. So getting a good air filter is vital for me and my family.”

Hoo Teck Loong

“I immediately tested the effect after bought the air purifier from SGAirPurifier. I shook the dusty shoe cover near the machine. The dust indicator light turned red immediately. After a while, it returned to green and the reaction was quick. The silent mode is also very quiet, and sleeping at night does not affect me at all”

Our Air Purifier Services

Baby's Room

If you have new born baby or small kids at home, then you are encouraged to give them a clean air at home especially when they are sleeping.

Child Care Center

All childcare center/kindergartens or nursery needs to protect children, employees and parents from influenza viruses and other airborne bacteria. Children are in a dangerous environment with infectious diseases from the air and transmission of the epidemic to other children in the nursery.

Clinic/Dental Center

The clinic or dental center’s working environment may cause doctors, dentists, nurses and patients to be exposed to various air pollutants during routine dental procedures or checkup. To protect all of them, please install a good air filter to get rid of all viruses.


We spend more than 80% of their time indoors, most of which is spent in the bedroom. In order to create a healthy sleeping environment for yourself and your family, indoor decoration and indoor air environment issues cannot be ignored.

Turning on the air purifier at home can improve indoor air quality and help you and your family to sleep healthily.


Most people stay in the office second to their homes.

Poor ventilation is just one of the possible causes of Sick building syndrome (SBS). Contaminants from the indoors office, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can cause acute reactions, trigger headaches, respiratory discomfort, fatigue symptoms and other health problems.

Thus, it is recommended high-performance air purifiers to reduce bad building syndrome.


Air inside your car is enclosed for a long period; temperature and humidity in the car are extremely suitable for bacterial growth, and we also constantly exhales carbon dioxide into the car.

Driving for a long distance made us drowsiness due to insufficient oxygen in the air.

So, it is not a good idea to install one portable car air purifier for your own health or for the health of your family or friends.

Rental Program

Our rental programs are special cater for those need a air filter for short term usage. Special meeting for your oversea VIP. Or for your confinement for mummy and baby, new born baby needs clean air.

Please contact our sale representative for more details.

Pet Odor/Pet Hairs

For families with pets, it is necessary to equip your home with an air purifier all the year round.

Pets will easily drop hairs, and also has its smell. And most of pets owner do not have time to bathe their dog every day, and the dog’s skin is thin therefore cannot to be cleaned too frequent.

Therefore, we need an air purifier that can filter off pet hairs and remove odor.

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